Sister’s Keepers supports “Free The Girls,” an organization that helps girls recused from sex trafficking live a life of true freedom.This is done by helping them start a business with something simple as selling gently used and new “Bras” in the market place. Two hundred bras provide half a month’s inventory for a woman in Mozambique. Through their “Bra” business, women once enslaved to sex trafficking are now living free and victoriously. It is our blessing to see our sisters move from exploitation to empowered and from scared and nervous to brave and bold.


 Sister’s Keepers provide monthly financial support to Queezy, a five-year-old girl, living in extreme poverty in Kenya, Africa. Our monthly financial support pays Queezy’s tuition which makes it possible for her to attend school; thereby, getting an education which  will enable her to exchange a life of poverty for a life of sufficiency.It has been proven that when one family member is lifted out of poverty the entire family is lifted with them.As you may know, Compassion International is a child advocate ministry who pairs people with children to help release them from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.   

Sister’s Keepers Ministry  N.C. Mentoring Scholarship

Sister’s Keepers Ministry and its Scholarship Committee takes great pleasure in
offering you the opportunity to apply for its Mentoring Scholarship.
The recipient of this scholarship, in addition to the financial award, will be
connected to a ministry that will provide affirmation and encouragement
throughout their academic journey.     
 We look forward to receiving your application.

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