God has blessed me abundantly. However, I knew something was missing in my life. It was the fellowship with true Christian women. Sister’s Keepers welcomed me into this group of God-fearing, and loving women. They have
filled in so many gaps in my life-companionships, a sense of belonging, and listening ears. They are a group of prayer warriors who when I am under attack, Sister’s Keepers, my sisters, interceded on my behalf. When the enemy wanted to make me feel, as if I was alone. My sisters made me know I wasn’t-they hugged me, comforted me, and made the enemy know that if he attacked one sister, he attacked us all. And when I need to feel love, they love on me. God has supplied so many of my needs with Sister’s Keepers.

Being a part of such an organization has blessed me beyond measure. I never imagined that such a group existed. Desiring to be better & do better as a young lady in Christ was driving me but only to feel like I was going nowhere. Just wanting God to smile at the mere thought of me but feeling like I wasn’t getting it right. Sisters Keepers Ministry was helping me to see how God was readily awaiting to speak to ME. I’m not so hard on myself anymore. God created me & He knows everything about me & every situation that I face. I held on to, “He’ll perfect that which concerns me” & began to remind myself that of what God was saying.

Learning to really forgive was an issue that I had also. Many times I thought that I had forgave but was reminded that I was still dealing with those issues. No one had ever explained to me how to forgive… only that you do it so that God will forgive you. I had to prove that I was ready. I had to show God & myself that I really let go of things of the past that lingered around. “Faith without works is dead” got me through that one. It was definitely work letting go but God is able!

There are numerous events/ situations that I can list of how this ministry has encouraged & poured into my life. We have struggles & issues but we are not defined by them. Deciding to live for Christ didn’t mean that those struggles & issues would disappear but God places the right people in our paths to help us along the way. I love that Sisters Keepers is active in different ways of giving back. The love for God’s people is authentic & I’m ever so grateful to be a part in encouraging & uplifting my present & future sister.


I live in Maryland and rarely attend and cannot speak directly about Sister’s Keepers Ministry, NC, but I can speak directly about its leadership.
I trust and have, quite literally, trusted Gloria H. Cummings with my life and spiritual development. She has encouraged me (and my brothers) to think critically, investigate, pray God’s word, and to trust the Holy Spirit even when the path before me seldom resembles the plans I have set. To shift dependence from self, an individual or even an organization and redirect it toward God is the legacy.
I believe that Sister’s Keepers Ministry NC is equipping women to live and pass on such a legacy.


At the time when Sister Keeper’s became a part of my life, I was not in a good place. A friend invited me to a meeting which I was very hesitant to attend. When I arrived at the first meeting, I felt very convertible with the ladies. The ladies were unbelievable and genuinely friendly. The end of the meeting I was approached by a lady whom I felt to be extremely genuine. (a women of God) She invited me to come back. The second time they had a special speaker. Somehow, I connected with her not knowing she was the speaker. I connect with her in a way that was not pleasant, for instance I was saying to myself, why is she staring at me, and why does she keep walking back and forward in front of me? The meeting started and the speaker looked at me and asked me to stand up and thank the lord. This really threw me, I did it. When I stood up and started thanking God, I felt something I never felt before. A feeling of warmth and love. She proceeded to say some things that ONLY me, and GOD knew about. She gave me a message from God that I NEW was from him. I exhaled and left that evening a new woman. That evening was the start of me letting go of judging, hate, sadness, fear and bitterness. Through this ministry God gave me back my peace, joy and courage. Sister Keeper’s is a ministry that is REAL.

Sistes’s Keepers Ministry exemplifies the words POWER and COMPASSION. This organization and core members are FULL of powerful, compassionate God-fearing and God-loving women!

Power and compassion shared with one another and outside to hurting, suffering women. Sharing the message God loves you and what concerns you concerns Him.